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We will open the New Year with LION, a gem you won’t want to miss. We are always drawn to unusual stories, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Luke Davies has superbly adapted Saroo Brierly’s 2012 memoir, entitled “A Long Way Home”. Young Saroo is separated from his family at the age of five in 1980’s central India with no identification. He ends up a continent away, adopted by Australian parents. Persistent memories still tie him to his biological family, wherever they are. In his first film, the director Garth Davis shows he is quite adept behind the camera. Three performances stand out. Young Sunny Pawar as the five-year old Saroo steals your heart. Dev Patel, previously known for naively cute roles, leaves that behind, showing his chops as the conflicted adult Saroo. Nicole Kidman as Saroo’s adoptive mother gives one of her best performances in years. The Academy Award nominations come out on January 24th. Many expect to hear Ms. Kidman’s name called for a supporting role in a very well represented category. The roar of this LION may be heard more than once on the 24th. As Steve McGarrett use to say,

“Be there. Aloha!“

Mike Marchak

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    This perspective on KFS picks is interesting and useful. Keep them coming. Thanks.


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