Welcome to the Kalamazoo Film Society

Come to Celebration Cinema in Portage to see the latest film selected by KFS.

  • Admission is $7.00 when you show your KFS membership card.
  • Dates and film selections are subject to change. Please consult the Celebration Cinema website for the most up-to-date information.


manchester_poster.jpg“The rapport between the filmmakers and their principal characters is so comfortable, it occasionally feels as if we are watching a scripted film .”

Directed by Antonio Santini, Dan Sickles

Starring: Dina Buno, Scott Levin
See review by David Rooney at The Hollywood Reporter.

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In Search of Fellini

manchester_poster.jpg“Cinephiles should appreciate this nostalgic coming-of-age drama that finds its own modest niche while capturing the spirit of the legendary Italian filmmaker.”

Directed by Taron Lexton

Starring: Maria Bello, Ksenia Solo, Beth Riesgraf
See review by Monica Castillo at The New York Times.

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manchester_poster.jpg“Menashe offers an intriguing look at a culture whose unfamiliarity to many viewers will be rendered irrelevant by the story’s universally affecting themes and thoughtful approach.”

Directed by Joshua Z Weinstein

Starring: Menashe Lustig, Yoel Falkowitz, Ruben Niborski
See review by Peter Keough at The Boston GLobe.

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School Life

manchester_poster.jpg“School Life” is as charming, intimate and warm-hearted an observational documentary as you’d ever want to see.

Directed by Neasa Ní Chianáin, David Rane
See review by Kenneth Turan at The L.A. Times.

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